Mission Statement:
Reflecting the light of Jesus
as we make disciples
through faith, hope and love.
Core Values
 Loving Family Connection
 All Ages -- All Welcome!
Harbeson Church is all about
Jesus' disciple family
sharing love in a world of need!
(Matthew 12:49-50; John 13:34-35) 
As a member congregation of the
Global Methodist Church
we remain in vital connection with other
Christians around the world
 seeking to fulfill
the Great Commission
 of Jesus. 
History of the Church in Harbeson:
The church began as members meeting in homes in 1844 which they continued
until they erected a church
on land donated by Barclay Wilson. The then Beaver
Dam Protestant Church was a one story building 28 by
32 feet. It faced the road to
Georgetown behind the cemetery. The church was under the ministering of
Goshen Church in Milton.

The section we use as the Sanctuary was built in 1865 and was built in a part of
the cemetery where the
Rust, Koppl, Koppel and Kopple lots are. The Harbeson,
Reynolds and Cave Neck Churches combined to build
the parsonage.

Services were held in this church until 1885 when the membership had increased
to 54. Harbeson Hickman
donated additional land and another church was built; 50
by 40 feet. The first church was moved to Cave
Neck as part of the Milton Circuit and
later became part of the Grace Methodist Church.

The church name Beaver Dam was changed to the Broadkill and then to Harbeson
after Harbeson Hickman.

In 1927 the congregation had outgrown the Old Beaver Dam Church, so called from
the many beavers in
the area. The church was moved across the road and a larger
addition was added.

There were a variety of changes over the past 50 years of organizational changes from
the Harbeson Charge
in 1962 with 3 churches to the Milton Goshen-Harbeson Charge
in 1975 to July 1, 2000 when we became
the Harbeson United Methodist Church, a charge
unto itself.
When Wallace Kopple started school in 1922 there were 3 stores in town
owned by William Short, the Stewart and the third by Joseph Calhoun who also cut hair.
Floyd Lingo later built a store across the road from the Stewarts and he had gas pumps.
Sheridan Warrington opened an auto repair shop and in the 1920s the Prettymans built
a repair shop. In the vicinity of the Lawsons shop was the Broadkill Rail Station where
we had 2 passenger trains stop each day. - Taken from Wallace Kopple's recollection
of the church history.